Universal Care for Africa
Closing The Healthcare Awareness Gap in Africa
Healthcare for Africa

Universal Care for Africa Foundation (UCAF) is a non-profit organization that provides underprivileged communities in Africa with basic healthcare services.

UCAF will achieve its mission by providing:

  • Health education and resources to aid in healthier decision-making.
  • Health equipment and services that will support a healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision

Reduce premature death caused by treatable noncommunicable and communicable diseases including Malaria, HIV, and malnutrition.

Our Mission

Provide everyone in Africa with access to healthcare services and health resources regardless of age, sex, or demographic area.
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Our Team

Hans Loum, B.S, M.H.A

Co-founder & CEO
Mr. Loum has a bachelors degree in Organization Leader Ship & Supervison with an emphasis in Health Services from Purdue University, a Masters in Health Administration and is currently working on a PHD in Public Health.

Hannah Loum

Advisory Board Member
Hannah Loum, Founder and CEO for Send me to School International. Born in Banjul, Gambia, studied at Westhill University, Birmingham and Oxford. An educationist by profession; a mentor and motivational speaker. Has played intricate parts in developing non-profits in the United States. For fun, Hannah enjoys meeting people and building relationships.